El Blaze & the King

Lito Perezito’s El Blaze & the King
(A fan-made Tekken x Virtua Fighter Comic)
Written and edited with the help of my editors Hobo,
Aimee, Nintendooski, Spenser.

Story: A former pro-wrestler called El Jefe signs a contract with King and organises King’s trial, a series of fights between the best wrestlers from Mexico versus King. El Blaze was chosen to be King’s last opponent. Who will end up victorious?


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This was great

Está buenísimo,lo mejor que eh leído en mi maldita vida : » »D

Esta muy bueno, no puedo esperar a ver si la continuación!!!

Me encanto, me saco una de risa, esperare con ansias el capitulo 2

Loving this so much, keep up the amazing work!

Eu adorei, mais eu estou louca para ver o desenvolvimento dos mesmo.