Dark Entities

Lito Perezito’s Life is Strange: Dark Entities
(A fan-made Life is Strange Comic)
Co-written with Linh Macdonald

IMPORTANT NOTE: Playing the game is requiered to fully understand the story and enjoy the comic the way it was meant to be.

Download: • Google DriveMEGA


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Just curious did you the model for Ryan you used for this is a bit more muscular than the one from the game? (Or maybe its just me lol)
Really love the story so far

OMG I love seeing Gabe and Ryan together, I really loved this chapter 4, I need to keep seeing these two characters together

Omg chapter 4 WAS SO GOOD. I’m a sucker for sharing a bed scenes so this was right up my alley. Looking forward to the next one!

I love steph and ryan so much , i can’t with their gay puns

That’s amazing how you captured the characters so well ! I can literally hear them talking just like in the game !

And finally, Ryan’s back in town ! <3 Love what you bringed out of them in your comics . And the renders are as beautiful as the others !

Can’t wait to see where this story is headed !

Love it, love it, love it
Do I spy some reed900 add ins in the cooler Gavin who’s always filled with tin cans?
Great work as always!

my heart cant take it. Ryan deserve all the love, he’s such a sweetheart. don’t worry man, Chen family will be there for u now.

As aways amazing!!

Loving this work! Hope we see more soon

i love ur OCs, i can already see they’re gonna at alot of spice to the story. amd im already stanning Keira!!

Great job! I love your comics so so very much. You and people helping you are so talanted. Can`t wait for a new chapter

Man I love your comics! But I hope Chucky gets hurt something fierce. That creature is not even remotely human.

But I love your comics ♥

Could all the comics be in German, please? Please, please, please, that would be so nice. ♥

Is it possible for your next comic you can do mass effect Kaidan and Shepard?? Love your work can’t wait until chapter 2

I’m super excited to see more! Thanks for taking the time to do this : )

More more more <3 They are so cute. I like the story very much and I like that alex wears a cat shirt. I like everything about it. Great Work! <3


loving this piece!!!

O… My god. I want continue of this more than I wanted anything in my life! Btw, 3d models are perfect. Just… Perfectly perfect. I really like them.

Love it already! No surprise there xD
Ryan x Gabe is so cute in the game I’m happy to see someone is expanding their story this way

Love what you did with the character profiles!

Can’t wait for more!!

Oh my god ! I absolutely love it ! I’m a big fan of True Colors and so sad to have finished it. That game gave me so much emotions.

I love the concept you did for the characters and their clothing, I love the theme you composed for it, honestly keep up with this amazing work !

Can’t wait to see how Ryan and Gabe will get together ! Can’t wait for so many things really !

wow this is incredible! can’t wait for more!

That looks awesome. I’m waiting for more!

Lito this is great! Hope for speedy updates, u got me hooked on it already ❤

Seeing Gave alive makes me want to cry, Thanks for this!

Looks incredible so far, excited for more!

this is so good i am so hyped for the rest ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

You’re doing the lord’s work, honey. I am so excited for this!

already shipping hard!! love this!! looking foward for more!!