After The Storm

Lito Perezito’s REED 900: After The Storm
(A Detroit Become Human x Life Is Strange Fan Fiction)



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WARNING: Please read the following if you think you might be triggered by graphic content. 

Click here to see Warning Spoilers & acess to the Censored Chapter
This chapter contains explicit images of major character death, suicide, blood, gore and deceased people including a deceased animal. Proceed at your own risk. Please find a censored version of the comic at the following link.





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praying, Hoping it’s actually Alyssa who is holding the gun instead.
and Cloe and Comrad interaction, YES!! this dou going on a detective adventure!!

My guess is that it’s Gavin since he and Fowler just went up there.

My thoughts exactly

Loving it as always! I’ve always loved predicting what is next I have a feeling I’m right on the nose for certain things I’m guessing will be in chap 6. Excited to see how it plays out and what surprises will be thrown at us!!

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Omg, since I saw Chloe I’m like I know who she is. I’ve seen her before. Then the time reversed and I did the math and holy sh*t this is such a cool concept!! Thank you for an amazing story. Bringing two games together and making it work so smoothly.

Loving it!


Finally, a comment section so I can write this : I loved the driving lesson at page 187, such a « dad » thing to do ^^ a clever and funny way to show the relationship between Gavin and Fowler.

I am always so incredibly impatient waiting for the next chapter xD

bruh I wish I can return at a normal time when your comics were interesting… now they are really boring

You probably think its boring because its slower, it has a build up to something big and people these days just want violence and mindless entertainment. Also I doubt you even know what « Life Is Strange » is, its a well made game that you can find playthroughs of on youtube. Instead of hating on everything that you internet trolls seems to like to do. Research. 🙂

Oh man, chapter 6, yessssssss! Love it, love it, love it! So intriguing <3

This chapter just came out and I’m chomping at the bit for the next one! I love this so much! It’s inspiring me to try writing some fanfic myself. <3 This is so amazing

I love all these comics but now I can’t wait for chap 6 REEEEEEEEEEEE

OHHHH. So happy there is a comment section! Always wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your work and how good it is. Thank you! I stalk this page for the next chapter every day lol. Time to camp.

I can’t wait oh god

I don’t even know the game, but I’m so in love with this comic. Thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing this.

Loving this!! This comic is amazing

I am loving the Conrad/Reed relationship. Can’t wait for the next issue/chapter. 🙂 Keep up the great work.

I seriously check every day to see if the next chapter is up! Can’t wait for it, I want them to be happy so badly!

I’m so hyped for next chapter.

i just want these bitches to he happpppyyyyyy

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Like…. my mind is a mess and i love it.

I am about to be the first one to comment, Its me gayvin_900.0 on insta, I STILL love this.