After The Storm

Lito Perezito’s REED 900: After The Storm
(A Detroit Become Human x Life Is Strange Fan Fiction)
Co-written with Linh Macdonald


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Those comics are amazing. The characters are so so recognizable and it is so beautifully drawn. I love how dynamic it looks, I love the liberties taken. I was skeptical of the crossover with Life is Strange but it’s alright.
I want it to continue! Pretty please! 😀

i need moree this is sooo good

I was so surprised when reading this to see chole and max!! It made me so happy. Love this so much

Thank you so much for your wonderful Reed900 comics!! They’re so amazing! Been a bit out of the reed900 mood this last year but i just read this and it put me right back into loving them again! <3 I loved this installation just as i loved all of your other comics about them! <3

This is amazing❤️‍.. Me and my friends loved it. Can you please continue this REED900 series.. your way of building rk900s personality and character is very unique and its very brilliant. So if possible can you add few more volumes and stories to this series, would deffinetly become a big hit

Wow, this must be they said a masterpiece!
I hope I will see the next project.
I hope I will see the wedding of Gavin and Conrad ❣️
I wanna see that so badly ❤️

I hope you all behind this project always healthy.

What an amazing comic, Conrad and Gavin have been through so much together. So happy Gavin made up with Connor too, love all the new looks you gave the characters, especially Markus and Simon! ♥ Really enjoyed this, look forward to seeing what’s next!

omg this comic itself is just so nice. I dont have a word which good enough to describe it. So great comic that I love so much. Thank u guys for this masterpiece!

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Finishing up this comic leaves me thirsty for more Kamski content. I’d love to see him grow as a person and actually develop a healthy relationship with Gavin, and repair his relationship with Lyssa.

This is beyond my expectation and how much the storyline can be this indescribably impressive! I COUNDN’T stop reading and I’ve finished it up in not fully two days PERIOD! Thanks for hard working. Much love ❤️

Thank you so much for made this incredible work. I love Gavin and Conrade. Love you.

Can you tell me how can you draw in webtoon, im studying in design, and I’m so love your comics.

I really loved the story, it was super lovely but stressing and suspenseful at the same time. It’s gonna stick with me for a long loooong time haha. Thank you for your hard work! <3

I certainly won’t get tired of repeating that your stories are very addictive!

this is so amazing, after reading all this i tried to extract some models from the game and animate them in blender as well, but its extremely complicated.. how did you learn to do all this? its incredibly impressive!!

Cuuuuute! This was amazing. Thanx for the hard work!

I have’nt even read it jet and i am crying because its the last chapter common you cant do this to me i wanna read it but then again not because i dont want it to end

A nice overall ending… but I’m sad that everyone got some kind of happy ending except Alyssa. Why do black women always get shafted in so many stories??

I liked it before too but with the update it is even better.
thank you 🙂

I loved Gavin squinting to see the invitation cuz he can’t read without his glasses

Omg this is great!! My heart is complete with your comics!! Thanksss

I don’t think I’ve loved a fan fiction more than I love this! After chapter 10 will you be making more Reed900?

When is chapter 10 coming? I love this I binged all the stories jaja

I flew through these stories, they’re all so enjoyable!! I’m so happy they made up in the end, and Chloe and Max’s proposal was so cute! Thank you for sharing your art with us!!

You are solely responsible for my Reed900 binge right now. Thank you and great work XD

I hope there is more story to come after chapter 10. Next book maybe? I absolutely love Reed900!

Hopefully after chapter 10 the story doesnt stop there, been enjoying this alot lately.

YIKEs, he said he will end it there- or around there..and on his insta he seems to be working on a different project already. 🙁

can you send me the link where he said he is gonna end it around chapter 10

I just fell in love with this story from the first pages. It’s just an incredible interesting story. I hope you continue to release them in the same spirit. And of course I’m waiting for the bed scene with Gavin and Conrad … ☺️

I’m so happy to read this reed900 comic I read all of them oh god and I really need more of Gavin and Conrad and one thing is there going to be chapter 10 or not? Or more of Gavin and Conrad cause I really want to see them lovely dovely I ship them so much ✨

HELLO! I Know i am Just a little comment under your Comic but i Just wanted to say THANK YOU for this BEAUTYFULL Comic It realy is Just so so good! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! ❤️ and It inspired myself a Lot too! So PLEAE DONT STOP MAKING THIS COMIC CAUSE WE ALL LOVE IT SOOOOOOO MUUUUUUUCH!!!!! I mean i know its hard sometimes and very much Work but i realy Hope you have the inspiration and the ideas to make more cause you make so many people Happy with It! So all Love goes to❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ i Love your Musik and your Comic you are doing so GREAT THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

These last two chapter have been awesome, so much action, and so many feels! Love the little moment with Gavin touching Conrad’s face, super sweet and their expressions were gorgeous <3

Jeah that was so cute ❤️

I’m glad to see Conrad and Gavin beginning to work things out between them.

Conrad’s expression when they were hugging made my chest squeeze. I wanted them to go back home together…too soon maybe?

Yeah me tooo maybe a little Bit to soon but i Hope They will Go Back Home together AS soon as possible❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thanks for the update! Excellent chapter. Gavin and Conrad need a good talk and kisses included! The hug left me very sensitive and I need more of them

Great chapter again. Conrad and Gavin are killing me, they are so cute!

I ship them so hard! This is one of my favorites webcomic ever!!

We need more Connor and Gavin moments !!! OMG they’re so cute!

Just read all the Reed900 comics posted here so far – can I just say that the sheer amount of work and love put into it must be unimaginable, and it’s so professionally and beautifully done! Hands down the most epic and thrilling DBH fanfic I’ve ever read. The efforts you make and the level of genius it takes to explore all these other dimensions of our beloved characters Gavin and RK900 (btw I love the name Conrad – just seems so fitting!), the backstory, the dynamics of their interaction, the theme song compositions/performances and even their OUTFIT (OMG R U KIDDING ME, HOW TF DID YOU MANAGE TO DRESS THEM SO FKING WELL) are just ridiculously detailed and deserve like 500 rounds of standing ovations.
I would just like to extend my gratitudes to this wonderful team of content creators for working this miracle here. What a ride. Can’t wait for more chapters to come out!


I was so confused by Chloe and Max part.. I honestly thought that was the blue haired Tracy and her girlfriend and they just changed their names or something. When she started bleeding red I was like huh! Then I saw I’m description it’s a crossover with Life Is Strange haha. I never played any of those games now I have to go play them to understand. I just finished chapter 8 and I’m so excited to read more! Lito, you have done an amazing job with the comics. Once you finish After The Storm, perhaps the next comic can actually include the blue hair Tracy and her gf 🙂

Hahaha i Had the Same thought ❤️

I just got into this whole reed900 series and I’m loving every page of it! So looking forward to the continuation! Amazing work!!

i really hope our idiot boys get a happy ending </3

Omg the gavin&Connor interactions are so cute<3 It’s heartwarming to see how they practically treat each other like brothers:)

I am sooo shipping Gavin and Connor. If only that save ended with Gavin in Connor’s arms, then some extended eye contact, and finally a kiss…Who cares if that b* ended up pancaked on the pavement? In with the new android lover!

Just love this comic and can’t wait for more!
But I’m a bit confused… OK, Conrad packed this few things and left from Gavin’s apartment, but when they started living together?? Am I missing something?

Okay so I don’t remember/know if it appeared in previous chapters but Gavin’s ring tone got me dead. « It’s Britney bitch »

Yes! Family business, chapter 5.

Gracias por traducir este comic en español <3, i love it this comic

I cried a lot when they both died at the beginning, I didn’t understand how there could be more chapters if the babies were gone. Then the Max thing happened and I was happy to see them safe.
I am very excited for the next chapters! Every time the story becomes more interesting. And I can’t wait to see our babies have a nice reconciliation!
I love this story <3

Wait… what? Connor!?

Holy shit, THIS is crazy in so many ways!!! Love it!!

I don’t know what to say …just amazing and I always in Wait for new chapters

tank you for another awsome chapter!! happy september!