6 Months


A few days after the tragedy the BSAA faced in Edonia, a physically and mentally wounded Chris Redfield is hospitalized in Eastern Europe. In spite of a vigil being held by his loved ones, including his second-in-command, Piers Nivans, Chris escapes the hospital. He’s living in a body that he doesn’t recognize; in a world that he doesn’t remember. Alone and confused, Chris unwittingly starts a journey to rediscover who he is. Meanwhile Piers’ faith is tested as he tries to find back the man who had become his compass. Find out what happened during those 6 months while flashbacks reveal the first steps of Chris and Piers’ relationship. Download the entire comic (.rar).

Sequel 1

Sequel 2

• Russian Version (by Domik S Perevodami)

• Spanish Version (by Urieta Pillaca León)

• Traditional Chinese Version (by QQBear)



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Hello, I love your work, by chance you can translate it into Spanish.?

Thank you, I would thank you very much PS: I love your work

I can translate it! But i need a few days.

Where do I pass it to you when I’m done?

Dernière modification le 7 mois il y a par Urieta Pillaca León

Could you talk to him on his Facebook?

Really! , thank you

Thank you very much for translating it, with all my heart, you did a great job.